OIC Concept Limited


OIC is an award winning, integrated full service creative agency specialized in brand strategy, global branding, international marketing and new product development. Headquarter in Hong Kong has been helping clients with sound marketing advice, strategy communication and effective design project. We provide a range of unique and integrated services to help companies achieve their objectives and ambitions, and our service are all encompassing, from concept and execution. To on-time delivery of the final result.

A brand Affair- Love mark. Today a brand must be alive to change, just like the people it wants to connect with and the business it is part of. Our approach starts and ends with people. We use research methods, creative processes and technologies to develop new ways to connect people to brands, and brands to people. Brand has a personality, an identity just like a person. Brand al so have a emotional connection with consumers.


藝思概念是一間提供全方位品牌設計顧問的公司。總部設於香港, 一直致力於幫助客戶提供完善的營銷諮詢,戰略溝通和有效的設計項目。我們的服務是包羅萬有,從概念到執行, 從品牌策略、將品牌推向國際化、國際營銷、新產品開發及推廣等服務, 我們提供一系列獨特的綜合服務,幫助企業實現自己的目標和抱負。我們強調品牌不只是一個符號標誌, 而是一個Love Mark, 有個性、有風格、 是一種與消費者之間的情感聯繫。我們透過品牌策略和設計, 協助不同品牌企業轉型、擴大營銷能力、強化品牌、増加銷售、為其品牌事業開拓嶄新航道, 打造獨特的賣點。


Contact Person: Akina Chiu

Tel: 28510942