Soul Marketing Group Limited


Soul Marketing Group Limited concentrates in ecommerce and mobile payments, we create a partnership with brands and companies to major on these two aspects which lead to more visualize result on Return on Investment(ROI). Besides, we focus on online store operations and brands online & offline (O2O) solution, we build up own online stores on more than 20 ecommerce platforms in Hong Kong, Asia and Europe, which motivates Hong Kong traditional SMEs to step out to online business with minimum shared cost and sign as online distributor for more than 30 Hong Kong companies to work on online & offline (O2O) solution.

We have built up a full range online solutions for clients, including set up worldwide ecommerce platforms, online promotions, create content (i.e. photos, brand story and video), customer service and logistic support. Our company is the authorized reseller of Yahoo Shopping Hong Kong and Yahoo Shopping Taiwan, the agent of Alipay and WeChat Pay and an online-store operator authorized by Yahoo Hong Kong, Yahoo Taiwan and HKBPE, helping worldwide and Hong Kong brands which are seeking for opportunities to cooperate with Chinese large ecommerce platforms like Tmall and and sell their products out of their own countries, so to further expand and optimize online chance for brands.




Contact Person: Chue Oi Yin (Sally)

Tel: 39983414