TMLApparel Limited


Grandion Group was founded in 1996 & has been transforming from a casual clothing manufacturer into a comprehensive leisure apparel supply chain solution provider with production facilities in China. TML ( To Make Locally) industrial project was created in 2015 by Grandion group at TML Tower located in Tsuen Wan. TML Apparel Limited is established to be the operating company of the project. This industrial project utilizes the Hong Kong's competitive edges, including excellent design talents; free flow of logistics, information and capital; perfect legal framework to protect the intellectual property rights & the adoption of the digital operation process to create the “Hong Kong Brands” in making TML becomes a customer-centric & personalized solutions


興迅集團成立於1996年,由一間休閒服裝製造商,發展成一個綜合休閒服飾供應鏈企業,於國內設立生產設施。 並於2015年在荃灣新落成之TML廣場,創立新產業項目-TML ( To Make Locally) , 並以TML Apparel Limited 為營銷公司。此產業項目利用香港之競爭優勢 ,包括優秀設計人才,物流、資訊及資金流亦可自由進出,完善法律基礎以保障知識產權,利用數碼化運作流程,打造「香港創造」品牌,延伸我們之服務能力,並以顧客為中心為其提供快捷及個性化方案。此外,項目在追求經濟效益之外,同時能創造社會效益,使企業朝多元及持續發展。


Contact Person: Alan Cheung

Tel: 27431228