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源輝科技主力發展新一新代環保膜片裝飾技術- 壓差彼覆裝飾 DOD. 由傳統液體噴塗改變成固體膜片彼覆, 大幅度地降低了全製程中VOCs的排放和污染;將裝飾導入更環保的生產製造與應用中。


薄膜裝飾多姿多彩的外觀、幾可亂真的模擬觸感, 再加上防污、自修復、防刮傷、通電後發光等各種特出效果, 可讓產品在現今芸芸同質競爭中脫穎而出


源輝科技為各產業提供不同薄膜裝飾方案, 公司由經驗豐富之膜片應用工程師與膜片設計人員組成,將薄膜裝飾工藝中涉及的材料科學、化工、設備和應用技術整合而成為一套量產方案;經過多年來的大量測試和量產,源輝科技已掌握了不同個別行業使用膜片裝飾工藝的全流程設計與生產方案: 具備由材料、應用技術/工藝、生產設備及品控的綜合解決方案輸出能力。


Springfield CMF Technology Company Ltd developed a new generation of film decoration technology - Differential pressure Overlay Decoration (DOD).  Transformed from traditional liquid spray process to dry film overlay, it greatly reduces the emission and pollution of VOCs in the whole process. The decoration is more environmental friendly in manufacturing and applications.


Decoration film has a colourful appearance and a variety of special effects, such as anti-contamination, self-healing, scratch resistance, EL backlit and more, which makes the product competitive and stands out in the consumer market.


Springfield provides different film decoration solutions for various industries. The company has a pool of experienced film application engineers and film designers. It combines the material science, chemicals, equipment and application technologies involved in the film decoration process into mass production. After years of extensive testing and integration, Springfield has mastered the whole process from design, use of materials to production by using film decoration technology in different industries.


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